You can apply in any way that suits you best:
By calling or by submitting an online application form.


We agree on a convenient time for you to visit our specialist and manager, take measurements and discuss all your questions.

Estimate and project

Design Department makes a project of your future roof, selects materials and prepares a proposal.

Performance of work

After approving the project and estimate, we conclude the contract and qualitatively perform all the work in the stipulated time.

Acceptance of work

Object delivery, training and briefing on maintenance.



We give a warranty of 3 years for the work performed with the materials.


About Us

Roofing work — is the basis of major repairs, as well as a key stage of the construction of new facilities: private houses, cottages, cottages, commercial and multi-storey residential buildings. House roofing provides protection of internal and external structures from a wide range of negative natural factors: rain, snow, hail, strong wind, temperature fluctuations, etc.

Professional installation of roofing is a labor-intensive process requiring professionals with in-depth knowledge of materials, installation techniques, as well as practical skills. Mistakes at this stage of construction can lead to serious consequences: from leaking roof, to its partial or complete destruction during adverse weather conditions, such as strong gusts of wind.